Curb Appeal 101





Killer curb appeal is something we all strive for and don’t always find it easy to achieve.  Here are our top 10 tips on why curb appeal is important and how your home can have curb appeal that will be the envy of all your neighbors.

1) Why curb appeal?  First impressions are everything whether selling your home or staying put.  When people come to your front door or just walk by the first impression of your home says it all.

2) Paint your front door!  Find a great color that coordinates with your  home’s color.  Make sure that the color you pick gives contrast between the front door and the facade of the house.

3) Add appealing and artistic house numbers and put out some beautiful, colorful potted plants.

4) Want instant curb appeal?  Have a beautifully manicured lawn.  Cut the grass regularly and weed away those weeds.

5) Mulch it up!  Tend your garden beds and spread some mulch.  Mulch not only gives your landscaping a fresh appearance but helps control weeds and keeps in moisture for your plants.

6) Tidy up the driveway.  Make sure all garbage cans are neatly put away and out of sight.  Repair any cracks by patching or resealing.  This will give your home a nice neat appearance.

7) Make those windows sparkle!  There is nothing like clean, shining and sparkling windows.  Try washing outside windows by spraying them with a garden hose to remove dirt and cobwebs. Then sponge them down with a small amount of vinegar or detergent diluted in warm water and rinse.

8) Update your outdoor light fixtures. Don’t want to go to the extra cost of getting new light fixtures…no problem!  Try painting or spray painting your old ones for an inexpensive and fresh new look.

9) Trim your trees and bushes.  Nothing says curb appeal like trimmed and manicured trees and bushes.  Cut overgrown bushes and trees, removing branches that block walkways, windows, the driveway and views of the home from the [more] street.

10) Keep the front of your home, clean, neat and tidy.  Plant flowers and bushes or container garden for a bit of extra pop and color.  Take a step back to view your home, take a picture to see how it looks in the eyes of the passersby.  If you love what you see you will have succeeded in creating killer curb appeal!


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